RelationshipMetadataBase EntityType

Entity Set Path
[organization URI]/api/data/v9.0/RelationshipDefinitions
Base Type


Properties represent fields of data stored in the entity.

Name Type Details
HasChanged Edm.Boolean

Indicates whether the item of metadata has changed.

IntroducedVersion Edm.String

A string identifying the solution version that the solution component was added in.

IsCustomizable BooleanManagedProperty

Whether the entity relationship is customizable.

IsCustomRelationship Edm.Boolean

Whether the relationship is a custom relationship.

IsManaged Edm.Boolean

Whether the entity relationship is part of a managed solution.

IsValidForAdvancedFind Edm.Boolean

Whether the entity relationship should be shown in Advanced Find.

MetadataId Edm.Guid

A unique identifier for the metadata item.

RelationshipType RelationshipType

The type of relationship.

SchemaName Edm.String

The schema name for the entity relationship.

SecurityTypes SecurityTypes

The security type for the relationship.

Derived Types

The following entity types inherit from the RelationshipMetadataBase entity type.

Name Description
ManyToManyRelationshipMetadata Contains the metadata for a many-to-many entity relationship.
OneToManyRelationshipMetadata Contains the metadata for a one-to-many entity relationship.

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