Rollup Function

Retrieves all the entity records that are related to the specified record.


Parameters allow for data to be passed to the function.

Name Type Nullable Unicode Description
crmbaseentity False True The target record for the rollup operation.
QueryBase True True The query criteria for the rollup operation.
RollupType False True The rollup type.

Return Type

Type Nullable Description
Collection( crmbaseentity ) False The Rollup function returns the following value.


Use the Rollup function with the following entity types:

Name Display Name Description
account Account Business that represents a customer or potential customer. The company that is billed in business transactions.
activitypointer Activity Task performed, or to be performed, by a user. An activity is any action for which an entry can be made on a calendar.
annotation Note Note that is attached to one or more objects, including other notes.
contact Contact Person with whom a business unit has a relationship, such as customer, supplier, and colleague.

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