Frequently asked questions for wrap

Frequently asked questions about the wrap feature are listed below. If you don't find an answer to your question, send an email to with your question.

Can I create mobile apps with Power Apps?

Yes. More information: Creating mobile apps with Power Apps

If I create a mobile app with Power Apps, does Microsoft release it for me?

No. Microsoft will wrap your Power Apps app in a native mobile app shell for you to digitally sign and distribute.

How do I digitally sign my mobile app?

Signing instructions are provided for Android and iOS.

How do I distribute my mobile app?

It depends on your business scenario. You can use Microsoft Intune, Managed Google Play or Apple Business Manager.

Do I need to rewrap my mobile app frequently?

Power Apps Mobile is updated periodically. Hence, to ensure compatibility with the latest Power Apps release versions, benefit from bug-fixes and new platform features, we recommend that you rewrap and redistribute your mobile app to your end users at least on a monthly basis.

Do I need to rewrap my mobile app after making changes to the canvas app(s) included in the package?

No. Published changes to the included canvas app(s) are downloaded automatically by existing, released versions of your mobile app. However, we recommend that you wrap your mobile app on a monthly basis.

What are Primary and Secondary apps in the context of wrap?

Primary app provides the main experience of your mobile app. Secondary apps are bundled for performance reasons and must be linked from your primary app. See wrap multiple canvas apps together.

Can I create B2C mobile apps with Power Apps?

No. Power Apps is a platform for creating business applications and uses Azure Active Directory authentication. The wrap feature wraps existing canvas apps for the same set of end users.