Starter portal package version 9.2.2103.x

Starter portal package version 9.2.2103.x is generally available. To learn how to update your portal solution, go to Update the Power Apps portals solution.

In this article, you'll learn about the fixes and enhancements included in this update.


  • The update package for starter portal shows as "Common Data Service Starter Portal" in the Power Platform admin center.
  • Package updates are released in stages across regions. During the rollout phase, your environment may take time to show the new package update depending on your region.

For a full list of all portal updates released to date and their corresponding KB articles, go to Portal Capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Releases.

For more information about creating a portal with starter portal package, go to Create a Dataverse starter portal or Create a starter portal in an environment containing customer engagement apps.


The package update includes the following enhancements to extend the capabilities of portals:

  • Power Apps component framework update with control style of Code Components
  • Terminology changes for portals
  • Change solutions upgrade behavior to update instead of upgrade, if existing version is 9.2.x
  • Support for special characters (#, %, *, ‰, €) in filename for attachments to Azure Blob Storage
  • Handle XSS vector gracefully on page load
  • New solution MicrosoftPortalBot to enable the capability to add Power Virtual Agents chatbots to portals


The package update includes the fixes for the following problems:

  • Saving Entity Form Metadata without mandatory field
  • Action button configuration gets cleared within additional setting
  • Enable IsVisibleInMobileClient field for Contact in Microsoft Identity
  • Web form lookup field to create new entity form isn't working
  • Deactivating a root page needs to deactivate its content pages
  • Hide Post back URL Field on the web form step


In addition, this package release contains accessibility fixes.

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