Create a flow that uses Common Data Service

Improve operational efficiency with a unified view of business data by creating flows that use Common Data Service.

For example, you can use Common Data Service within Power Automate in these key ways:

In this article, you will create a flow that sends an email notification when a Qualified Lead Process creates a new Opportunity in Common Data Service. The notification includes the Notes from the Lead.


  • Sign up for Power Automate and Power Apps.

    If you have trouble, verify whether Power Automate and Power Apps supports the type of account that you have and your organization hasn't blocked signup.

  • If you haven't used Common Data Service before, open the Entities tab of Power Apps, and then select Create my database.

Sign in to your environment

  1. Browse to Power Automate, and then select Sign in in the upper-right corner.

    Sign in

  2. In the top right menu you select the environment in which you created the database in


    If you don't select the same environment, you won't see your entities.

    Select environment

Use a template

  1. In the Search for a template by app, task, or industry box at the top of the screen, enter common, and then press enter.

    You will see a list of templates with the word "common" in their names, including those templates that use Common Data Model.

    Search for templates

  2. In the list of templates, select the template that performs that tasks that you want to be performed.

    For example, select the template that copies notes from Lead to Opportunity in Common Data Service, as shown in the steps that follow.

    Choose a template

  3. If you haven't already created a connection, select Sign in, and then provide your credentials as needed.

  4. Select Continue.

    You'll now see the template and its connections. In the following steps, you will customize this template.

Customize your flow template

  1. On the When an Opportunity is created card, select the Environment, Entity Name, and Scope that you want to use.

    Specify the details for the entity

  2. Complete the Get Opportunity Record card, per your requirements.

    Get Opportunity Record

  3. Configure the Originate from a Lead card.

    Originate from a Lead

  4. Complete the Get Lead and the List Notes for the Lead cards on the If yes side of the decision branch.

    Complete decision branch

  5. Expand the Apply to each card, and then delete the Copy Lead Note to New Note card.

  6. Select Add an action, search for notification, and then select Send me an email notification.

    Email notification

  7. Configure the notification card to send you an email notification with the details of the notes for the lead.

    The notification card


If you can't find a template that does what you need, you can build a flow from scratch that operates on top of Common Data Service.