Power Automate in Teams


  1. Access to Microsoft Teams.
  2. Access to Power Automate.

Install the Power Automate app in Teams

Follow these steps to install the Power Automate app in Microsoft Teams.

  1. Sign in to Microsoft Teams.

  2. Select the Apps icon at the lower left of the Teams navigation bar.

  3. Select the Power Automate app. You might need to search for Power Automate if you don't see it.

    Select Power Automate app.

  4. Select Add.

  5. Power Automate is now added to Teams.

Create a cloud flow in Teams

  1. Sign in to Microsoft Teams.

  2. Select the Power Automate app in the left-side menu pane.

  3. If you haven't done so before, you might need to sign in and grant permissions.

    Access your flows in Teams by using the following tabs:

    Tab Purpose
    Home Summary of your flows.
    Create Create a Power Automate flow in Teams
    Chat Interact with the Power Automate bot.
    Approvals Shows received and sent approval requests.
    Business process flows Shows your business process flows
    About Displays version and other information about Power Automate.

You now see all flows you've created from the Power Automate designer (if any).

You can also create flows from a custom template or from a blank template, just like you do from the Power Automate designer.

Manage approvals

You can manage approvals in Microsoft Teams, just like you would do in Power Automate. Follow these steps to manage your approvals:

  1. Sign in to Microsoft Teams.

  2. Select the Approvals tab.

    You'll notice the following subtabs:

    Tab Purpose
    Received Lists approval requests you've received and are pending action from you.
    Sent Lists approval requests you've sent and are pending action from others.
    History Lists received and sent approval requests.
    Create approval flow Create approval flows.
  3. Select the Received, Sent, or History tabs to learn more.

  4. Select the create Create tab, and then select the Approvals category to find an approval template to create your approval flow in Teams.

    Create approvals tab.

    Approvals templates menu.

Use the bot with flows

List and launch flows with the bot


The bot lists and runs flows that are triggered by a schedule, or manually triggered without user input.

  1. Sign in to Microsoft Teams.

  2. Select the More added apps link (...) on the navigation bar and then select the Power Automate app. Select app screen.

  3. Select the Chat tab.

On the Chat tab, you can send commands to the bot, which responds by performing the actions you command it to run. For example, to list your flows and run the flow with index 1, run the following commands:

  • List flows - The bot displays a list of your flows, prefixed by an index number.
  • Run flow 1 - Runs flow number 1. Here, 1 is the index number of the flow you want to run.

Get the description for flows

To get the description for the flow with index 1 from your list of flows, run describe flow 1. The bot response will be similar to this image:

Get the list of commands for the bot

To get the list of commands the bot handles, ask it with this command: learn more