Approve requests on your mobile device by using Power Automate

If a cloud flow identifies you as an approver and you've installed the mobile app for Power Automate, you receive a push notification whenever your approval is requested.

This article walks you through a few common scenarios that you’re likely to encounter while you manage approval requests in the mobile app for Power Automate.


The images in this topic are from an Android device; however, the experience on iOS is similar.


To complete this walkthrough, you need:

  • An Android or iOS device running the mobile app for Power Automate.
  • To be designated as the approver in an approval flow.
  • Pending requests for approval.

View pending requests

  1. Open the mobile app for Power Automate.

    start the mobile app

  2. Select APPROVALS in the upper-right corner.

    select approvals

  3. View all pending approvals:

    see pending approval requests

If you don't have any pending approval requests, create an approval flow, set yourself as an approver, and then trigger the flow. Approval requests appear in the approval center a few seconds after the flow triggers and sends a request for approval.

Approve requests and leave an optional comment

  1. If you haven't done so, follow the preceding steps to view pending requests.

  2. Select APPROVE on the request that you want to approve.

    select approve

  3. (Optional) select Add comment (optional).

    select add a comment

    Enter a comment on the Add comment screen.

    enter your comment

  4. Select CONFIRM in the upper-right corner.

    confirm you are finished

    The success screen displays after the flow records your decision.

    success screen

Reject requests and leave an optional comment

Follow the steps to approve a request, but select REJECT in the second step.

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