Security and privacy (preview)

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]


Process advisor relies on environment security and Microsoft Dataverse security roles and privileges to grant access to its features in Power Automate. More information: Power Platform security overview

Some privileges are set by default in Dataverse. This allows built-in security roles to use process advisor without further actions from system administrators. Specifically:

  • Environment makers can use process advisor to create and share processes.
  • Administrators and system customizers can access all processes created in the environment.

These security roles have privileges to the process advisor tables in Dataverse. Custom security roles can create process in process advisor if they have the following permissions:

  • Organization read permission on the User and User Settings tables (Business Management tab)
  • Organization read permission on the Table, Field and Relationship tables (Customization tab)
  • User create, read, write, delete, append, append to, assign and share permissions on the Process table (Customization tab)
  • User create, read, write, delete, append, append to, assign and share permissions on the PM Inferred Task, PM Recording and Workflow Binary tables (Custom Tables tab)


Sharing processes and their recordings is essential to create rich analysis and insights in process advisor. Users are invited to contribute to a process by adding recordings. They use Power Automate Desktop to record processes that are then imported into process advisor. Owners and contributors may be able to see some data from the process and its recordings. While most of the information captured in process recordings can be essential to the understanding of the process activities, some steps may contain sensitive information. However, you can modify and delete any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) or any sensitive data in your recordings. In Power Automate Desktop, users can:

  • Delete sensitive steps or modify input data information.
  • Pause and resume recording to avoid recording sensitive information and PII.

Once the recording is imported into process advisor, you can still remove sensitive information by doing the following:

  • Rename step names and/or description.
  • Delete screenshots.


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