Use flows in teams created from templates

Microsoft Teams templates are pre-built definitions of a team's structure that are designed around a specific business need or project.

Power Automate templates and team templates are meant to address similar business scenarios. When you create a team with a Microsoft-provided team template, you get a curated selection of flow templates that are specific to your team scenario.

Here are the five team templates that support scenario-specific flow templates.

  • Manage a Project
  • Manage an Event
  • Organize a Help Desk
  • Incident Response
  • Onboard Employees

For example, if you create a team from the Manage a Project template, the recommended flow templates on the Power Automate tab in the General channel is filtered to your Manage a Project scenario.

For example, follow these steps to use the Manage a Project template from within Microsoft Teams.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams.

  2. Select Teams from the top of the panel on the left.

  3. Select Join or create a team from the bottom of the Teams panel on the left.

  4. Select Create team from the Join or create a team screen. Create team button

  5. Select the Manage a Project template. Manage a Project template

  6. Select Next on the Manage a Project screen after you've reviewed the summary and details of the template.

    Manage a Project screen

  7. Select the Sensitivity and Privacy levels for your team. Team type screen

  8. Give your team a Name, a Description, and then select Create. Details about the team

  9. Wait while the team is created. Wait for the team to be created

  10. After you create the team, select the Power Automate tab in the General channel, and then select Set up tab.

    Set up the tab

  11. Select Post to the channel about this tab, and then select Save on the Power Automate screen.

    Select the option to post to the channel

  12. Scroll on the Power Automate tab to view the list of suggested Power Automate flow templates that are relevant to your team's scenario.

    List of templates

You can now select any of the flow templates listed to customize your team.


You can use any of the five team templates listed earlier in the article to create a team that's right for your organization.

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