Track Power BI service health in Microsoft 365

The Microsoft 365 admin center provides important tools for Power BI admins. The tools include current and historical information about service health. To access service health info, you must be in one of the following roles:

  • Power BI Service Administrator

  • Global Administrator

For more info about roles, see Administrator roles related to Power BI.

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft 365 admin center.

  2. From the nav pane, select Show all > Health > Service health. The Service health page appears:

    Screenshot of the Microsoft 365 admin center with the Health and Service health options called out.

  3. From the All services list, select Advisories or Incidents and review the results. In the screenshot below, you see one of three active advisories.

    Screenshot of the Service health page with the three advisories for Power BI and Show details option called out.

  4. To see more information, select Show details for an item. In the screenshot below, you see additional details, including recent status updates.

    Screenshot of the Advisory details, showing additional information.

    Scroll down to see more info, then close the pane when you're finished.

  5. To see historical information across all services, in the upper-right corner of the Service health page, select View history. Then select Last 7 days or Last 30 days.

  6. To return to current service health, select View current status.