Manage Capacity settings

Capacity is a dedicated set of resources reserved for exclusive use. Premium and Embedded capacities offer a dependable and consistent performance for your content. Here are some settings that you can configure when managing your organization's capacity settings:

  • Creating new capacities

  • Deleting capacities

  • Managing capacity permissions

  • Changing the size of the capacity

Access the Power BI admin portal settings

You have to be a global admin or Power BI service admin to access the Power BI admin portal. For more information about the Power BI service administrator role, see Understanding the Power BI admin role. To get to the Power BI admin portal, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Power BI using your admin account credentials.

  2. From the page header, select ... > Settings > Admin portal.

    Settings menu with admin portal selected.

Power BI Premium

The Power BI Premium tab enables you to manage any Power BI Premium capacities (EM or P SKU) that have been purchased for your organization. All users within your organization can see the Power BI Premium tab, but they only see contents within it if they are assigned as either a Capacity admin or a user that has assignment permissions. If a user does not have any permissions, the following message appears.

No access to Premium settings

To understand more about the concepts of capacity management, see Managing Premium Gen2 capacities.

The capacity management process, is described in Configure and manage capacities in Power BI Premium.

Power BI Embedded

The Power BI Embedded tab enables you to view your Power BI Embedded (A SKU) capacities that you've purchased for your customer. Since you can only purchase A SKUs from Azure, you manage embedded capacities in Azure from the Azure portal.

For more information about Power BI Embedded, see:

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