Delete organizational content packs


Organizational content packs are being deprecated. Now is a good time to upgrade your content packs to apps, if you haven't started yet. See Upgrade classic workspaces to the new workspaces in Power BI for details.

You can no longer create, manage, or update organizational content packs. Read How should I collaborate on and share dashboards and reports? to decide on the best alternative for your situation.

Delete an organizational content pack from AppSource

You can only delete a content pack from AppSource if you created it. If you've created an organizational content pack in a workspace, and then decide to delete that workspace, be sure to delete the content pack first. If you delete the workspace without deleting the content pack first, you lose all access to those content packs and will have to contact Microsoft Support for help.


You can delete your connection to a content pack you didn't create. That doesn't delete the content pack from AppSource.

  1. To delete a content pack from AppSource, go to the workspace where you created the content pack, select the cog icon Screenshot of cog icon. and choose View Content Packs.

  2. Select Delete > Delete.

    • For group members who haven't customized the content pack, the dashboard and reports associated with that content pack are automatically removed. They're no longer available, and the content pack doesn't appear in the nav pane.
    • For group members who have customized the content pack, the next time they open the customized dashboard, all tiles from the original content pack will be gone. But tiles pinned from other reports will still render. The original content pack reports and dataset are no longer available, and the content pack doesn't appear in the nav pane.