Chat in Microsoft Teams directly from the Power BI service

You can open a Teams chat about Power BI dashboards, reports, visuals, and datasets directly from the Power BI service. Use the Chat in Teams feature to quickly start conversations when you view reports, dashboards, and datasets in the Power BI service.


To use the Chat in Teams functionality in Power BI, make sure your Power BI administrator hasn't disabled the Share to Teams tenant setting in the Power BI admin portal. This setting allows organizations to hide the Chat in Teams buttons. See the Power BI admin portal article for details.

See Collaborate in Microsoft Teams with Power BI for background on how Power BI and Microsoft Teams work together, including other requirements.

Chat about Power BI content in Microsoft Teams

Follow these steps to share links to reports, dashboards, visuals, and datasets in the Power BI service, and chat in Microsoft Teams channels and chats.

  1. In either the Power BI service or in Microsoft Teams, select one of these options:

    • Chat in Teams in the action bar of a dashboard, report, or dataset:

      Screenshot of Chat in Teams button in the action bar.

    • Chat in Teams in the context menu for a single visual:

      Screenshot of Chat in Teams button in a visual contextual menu.

  2. In the Share to Microsoft Teams dialog box, select the person, group, or channel you want to send the link to. You can enter a message if you want. You might be asked to sign in to Microsoft Teams first.

    Screenshot of Share to Microsoft Teams dialog box with information and message.

  3. Select Share to send the link.

  4. The link is added to existing conversations or starts a new chat.

    Screenshot of Microsoft Teams conversation with link to a Power BI item.

  5. Select the link to open the item in the Power BI service.

  6. If you used the contextual menu for a specific visual, the visual is highlighted when the report opens.

    Screenshot of Power BI report opened with a specific visual highlighted.

Known issues and limitations

  • Users without a Power BI license or permission to access the report see a "Content is not available" message.
  • The Chat in Teams buttons might not work if your browser uses strict privacy settings. Use the Having trouble? Try opening in a new window option if the dialog box doesn't open correctly.
  • Chat in Teams doesn't include a link preview.
  • Link previews and Chat in Teams don't give users permissions to view the item. Permissions must be managed separately.
  • The Chat in Teams button isn't available in visual context menus when a report author sets More options to Off for the visual.
  • See the Known issues and limitations section of the "Collaborate in Microsoft Teams" article for other issues.

Next steps

More questions? Try asking the Power BI Community.