Promote your dataset - Power BI

Your Power BI report creators may now have access to many different datasets, so enterprises need to guide them to the reliable, high-quality datasets. Power BI provides two ways to endorse datasets:

  • Promotion: As a dataset owner, you can promote your own datasets when they're ready for wide-spread usage. Any workspace member with Write permissions can promote a dataset. There are no restrictions on who can promote a dataset. Promotion supports the collaborative spread of datasets within organizations. This article is about promoting your dataset.
  • Certification: You can request certification for a promoted dataset. A select group of users defined in the Dataset Certification tenant admin setting decides which datasets to certify. See Certify datasets for details.

Promote a dataset

Your dataset needs to be in a new workspace experience workspace in the Power BI service when you're ready to promote it.

  1. Go to the list of datasets in the workspace.

  2. Select More options (...), then select Settings.

    Select the ellipsis by the dataset

  3. Expand Endorsement > select Promoted.

    Select Promoted and Apply

  4. Select Apply.

Request dataset certification

Your tenant admin has identified people in your organization who can certify datasets. You can ask that they certify your dataset.

  1. Give the certifier member permissions for the workspace where the dataset resides.

  2. In the Endorsement section of Settings, Certified is grayed out.

  3. Select the Learn more link.

    Your Power BI tenant admin can configure the Learn more link to go to a specified location with details about the certification process in your tenant. If they haven't customized the Learn more link, by default it points to the dataset certification article.

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