Edit parameter settings in the Power BI service

Report creators add query parameters to reports in Power BI Desktop. Parameters allow them to make parts of reports depend on one or more parameter values. For example, a report creator may create a parameter that restricts the data to a single country/region, or a parameter that defines acceptable formats for fields like dates, time, and text.

Home tab showing Manage Parameters option in Desktop

Review and edit parameters in Power BI service

As a report creator, you define parameters in Power BI Desktop. When you publish that report to Power BI service, the parameter settings and selections travel with it. You can review and edit parameter settings in the Power BI service, but not create them.

  1. In the Power BI service, select the cog icon cog icon to open Settings.

  2. Select the tab for Datasets and highlight a dataset in the list.

    Settings window with Datasets tab selected

  3. Expand Parameters. If the selected dataset has no parameters, you see a message with a link to Learn more about query parameters. If the dataset does have parameters, expand the Parameters heading to reveal those parameters.

    Settings window with Parameters expanded

    Review the parameter settings and make changes if needed. Grayed-out fields aren't editable.

Next steps

An ad-hoc way to add simple parameters is by modifying the URL.