Change the display of a report page

People view reports on many different devices with varying screen sizes and aspect ratios. Change the way a report page displays to fit your needs.

Screenshot of how a report displays on the canvas.

Explore the View menu

Screenshot of the View drop-down options.

The options in the View menu give you flexibility to display report pages at the size and width you choose:

  • Let's say you're viewing a report on a small device and it's hard to see titles and legends. Select View > Actual size to increase the size of the report page. Use the scroll bars to move around the report.

    Screenshot of a report set to Actual size with two scroll bars called out.

  • Another option is to fit the report to your screen width by selecting Fit to width. Since it's just the width and not the height, you may still need to use the vertical scroll bar.

    Screenshot of a report set to Fit to width with the vertical scroll bar called out.

  • If you don't want any scroll bars, but want to make the best use of your screen size, select Fit to Page.

    Screenshot of a report set to Fit to page.

  • You can also choose from four High contrast colors: High contrast #1, High contrast #2, High contrast black, and High contrast white. It's an accessibility feature that you can use so people who may have impaired vision can see the reports better:

    Screenshot of a report set to High contrast #1.Screenshot of a report set to High contrast #2. Screenshot of a report set to High contrast black.Screenshot of a report set to High contrast white.

  • The final option, Full screen, displays your report page without menu bars and headers. Full screen may be a good choice for small screens where the details are hard to see. Full screen may also be a good choice when projecting report pages on large screens for people to view but not interact.

    report displays full screen

When you exit the report, your View settings aren't saved, but revert to the default. If it's important to you to save these settings, use bookmarks.

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