Show data with Power BI reports

APPLIES TO: Applies to.Power BI service for business users Applies to.Power BI service for designers & developers Does not apply to.Power BI Desktop Applies to.Requires Pro or Premium license

A Power BI visual is constructed using data from underlying datasets. If you're interested in seeing behind-the-scenes, the Power BI service lets you display the data that is being used to create a visual in a report. When you select Show as a table, Power BI displays the data below (or next to) the visual.

On a dashboard, to see the underlying data, use Export to Excel

Show the data being used to create a report visual

  1. In the Power BI service, open a report and select a visual.

  2. To display the data behind the visual, select More options (...) and choose Show as a table.

    select Show as a table from dropdown

  3. By default, the data displays below the visual.

    visual and data vertical display

  4. To change the orientation, select vertical layout layout icon from the top-right corner of the visualization.

    visual and data horizontal display

To return to the report, select Back to report from the upper left corner.

Screenshot showing the link for Back to report.

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