Using Siri Shortcuts in Power BI Mobile iOS App

Use Siri Shortcuts to directly access the Power BI content you need.

To get easy and quick access to your frequently used reports or dashboards, use the Siri Shortcuts integration. Create a shortcut to your item, and then you can ask Siri to launch it whenever you need look at the data.

Create Siri shortcut for a report or dashboard

There are three ways to create Siri shortcuts to your reports and dashboards:

  • A banner with an Add to Siri option will be added to your frequently used reports and dashboards. Tap the action to open the Add to Siri page.

  • Use the Siri shortcut action on the Report or Dashboard actions menu (...).

  • Use the Suggested shortcuts in the device settings (Device Setting > Siri & Search). You can add a shortcut to the item in the suggestion by using the plus (+) button.

    Create a shortcut

For a Power BI report, the shortcut will capture the current page that you're viewing when creating the shortcut.

All options will open the Add to Siri page. In this page, you will need to record a phrase that you will use later with Siri to open the report or dashboard.

Add to Siri page

Use Siri Shortcuts to view report or dashboard

Once you create a shortcut, every time you’d like to access the dashboard or report that you created a shortcut for, just ask Siri. Activate Siri and provide the phrase you recorded for the shortcut. Siri will launch Power BI and land on the requested report or dashboard.

For a Power BI report, you will land on the page captured when you created the shortcut.

Siri launches Power BI to open the shortcut

Edit Siri shortcut phrase

You can edit your shortcut phrase by using the Siri shortcut button on the Report or Dashboard actions menu (...). The Siri shortcut page will be opened with an option to Re-Record phrase.

Delete Siri shortcut

To delete a shortcut, go to the item, and from the actions menu (...), tap the Siri shortcut action. The Siri shortcut page will open. Choose Delete Shortcut.


Siri Shortcuts integration with Power BI app is available for iPhone and iPad running on iOS12 and later.

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