Get notifications in the Power BI mobile apps

Applies to:

iPhone iPad Android phone Android tablet Windows 10
iPhones iPads Android phones Android tablets Windows 10 devices

Notifications bring information related to your Power BI experience right to you, in the Power BI service or on your mobile device. When you open Notifications, you see a sequential feed of messages about alerts you've set, new dashboards that have been shared with you, changes to your group workspace, information about Power BI events and meetings, and more.


On an iOS device, the first time you sign in to the updated version of the Power BI apps, you see a message asking if you'd like Power BI to send notifications. You can also configure how Power BI notifies you in Settings for your device.

View notifications on your mobile device

  1. When you receive notifications on your mobile device, by default Power BI makes a sound and shows a notification banner.

    Notification banner

    Or on an iPad:


    You can change how Power BI notifies you.

  2. If you've received notifications, when you sign in to Power BI on your mobile device you see a yellow dot on global navigation button Notifications dot (Android) or on the Notifications icon.

    Notifications dot

  3. Select the Notifications icon Notifications icon (Windows 10).

    Notifications are displayed with the most recent on top and unread messages highlighted. Notifications are retained for 90 days unless you delete them or reach the maximum limit of 100.

    iOS Notifications list

  4. To dismiss a notification, tap and hold it and select Dismiss.

Change or turn off notifications on your mobile device

You can change how Power BI notifies you.

  1. On an iOS device, go to Settings > Notifications.

    On an Android phone, go to Notification Settings.

    On a Windows device, in Settings go to System > Notifications & actions.

  2. In the list of apps, select Power BI.

  3. Here you can turn notifications off completely or choose which notifications you want.

    On an iPhone

    Choose Notifications

    On an Android phone

    Choose Notifications

    On a Windows 10 device

    Choose Notifications

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