Scan a barcode with your device from the Power BI mobile app

Scan barcodes in the real world to go directly to filtered BI information in the Power BI mobile app.

Applies to:

iPhone iPads Android phone Android tablet
iPhones iPads Android phones Android tablets

Say a colleague has tagged a barcode field in a report Power BI Desktop and shared the report with you.

Screenshot of a product barcode scan, showing the scanner over the barcode of a colored beverage.

When you scan a product barcode with the scanner in the Power BI app on your device, you see the report (or list of reports) with that barcode. You can open that report filtered to that barcode.

Scan a barcode with the Power BI scanner

  1. On the navigation bar, tap More options (...) and then tap Scanner.

    Screenshot of the More options on the navigation pane, showing the scanner selection.

  2. If your camera is not enabled, you need to approve the Power BI app to use the camera. This is a one-time approval.

  3. Point the scanner at a barcode on a product. You will see a list of reports associated with that barcode.

  4. Tap the report name to open it on your device, automatically filtered according to that barcode.

Filter by other barcodes while in a report

While looking at a report filtered by a barcode on your device, you may want to filter the same report by a different barcode.

  • If the barcode icon has a filter Filtered icon, the filter is active and report Is already filtered by a barcode.
  • If the icon doesn't contain a filter Unfiltered icon, the filter isn't active and the report isn't filtered by a barcode.

Either way, tap the icon to open a small menu with a floating scanner.

  • Focus the scanner on the new item to change the filter of the report to a different barcode value.
  • Select Clear barcode filter to go back to the unfiltered report.
  • Select Filter by recent barcodes to change the report filter to one of the barcodes you've scanned within the current session.

Issues with scanning a barcode

Here are some messages you may see when you scan a barcode on a product.

"Couldn't filter report..."

The report you choose to filter is based on a data model that does not include this barcode value. For example, the product "mineral water" isn't included in the report.

All/some of the visuals in the report don't contain any value

The barcode value you scanned exists in your model but all/Some of the visuals on your report don't contain this value and therefore filtering will return an empty state. Try looking into other report pages or edit your reports in Power BI desktop to contain this value

"Looks like you don't have any reports that can be filtered by barcodes."

This means you don't have any barcode-enabled reports. The barcode scanner can only filter reports that have a column marked as Barcode.

Make sure you or the report owner has tagged a column as Barcode in Power BI Desktop. Learn more about tagging a barcode field in Power BI Desktop

"Couldn't filter report - Looks like this barcode doesn't exist in the report data."

The report you chose to filter is based on a data model that doesn't include this barcode value. For example, the product "mineral water" isn't included in the report. You can scan a different product, choose a different report (if more than one report is available), or view the report unfiltered.

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