The 'new look' of the Power BI service

The Power BI service ( has a new look that makes it easier to view and interact with your reports. The new look is simpler and builds on your familiarity with other Microsoft products. Across the Power BI service, we’ve made report content the main point of focus by switching to a lighter color theme and updating icons.

Looking for information about the new look in Power BI Desktop? See Use the updated ribbon in Power BI Desktop.

Here's an overview of what’s changed in the new look. See the numbered sections for details:

New look overview of changes

Looking for a specific action? See The 'new look': Where did the actions go?.

Quick tour of the changes

This animation demonstrates the changes to the way reports look, in action.

New look - Quick tour

1. Opt in to the new look

Any Power BI service user can opt in to the new look. Just slide New look off to New look on.

Opting in to the new look

If you need to return to the old look, just slide it back to off New look on. If you don't see it, select the ellipsis menu in the upper-right corner.

Opting out to the new look

2. View report details

See details such as last refresh date and contact information quickly, right in the top banner. Open the menu to view additional details about the report. You can even send an email to the report owner.

View report details

3. Vertical list of pages

Report page names are now in a list in a vertical pane. They're prominent, hard to miss, and similar to navigation in Word and PowerPoint. You can increase or decrease the rest of the report area by resizing the vertical pane.

Report pages

4. Simplified action bar

The updated action bar across the top features the most relevant commands, front and center for report consumers. It's easier to export, subscribe, collaborate with others, and delve deeper through filters and bookmarks.

New action bar

5. Where are the report commands?

We didn't remove any of the functionality from the old look. You can find the additional commands such as edit, save a copy, and so on, by expanding the ellipsis (the ... menu) in the action bar. Also, you can access the usage metrics from the content list.

Report action bar in new look

Where are File menu actions?

Looking for File menu actions? The actions that used to be on the File menu are also on the More options (...) menu.

File menu in new look

6. New filter experience

Recent updates such as viewing applied filters and the new filters pane are available by default with the new look. Even if your report designer hasn't upgraded to the new filters experience, you see the new filters pane.

Filter restatement

Dashboard 'new look' experience

Dashboards also have a simplified action bar, just like reports and apps, for a consistent experience, while retaining the functional differences. Here's a walkthrough of actions in a dashboard.

Dashboard action bar in new look

No changes to edit mode

We’ve kept the authoring experience similar to the experience in Desktop. The new look changes only apply to the reading view.

Next steps