Create a QR code for a tile in Power BI to use in the mobile apps

QR codes in Power BI can connect anything in the real world directly to related BI information - no navigation or search needed.

You can create a QR code in the Power BI service for tiles in any dashboard, even in dashboards you can't edit. Then place the QR code in a key location. For example, you could paste it in an email, or print it out and paste it in a specific location.

Colleagues you've shared the dashboard with can scan the QR code for access to the tile, right from their mobile device. They can use either the QR code scanner located in the Power BI app, or any other QR scanner installed on their device.

Create a QR code for a tile

  1. Open a dashboard in the Power BI service.

  2. Select the dropdown caret next to File, and select Generate a QR code from the menu.

    Screenshot showing a dashboard File menu with the Generate a Q R code command.

  3. A dialog box with the QR code appears.

    Screenshot of a dialog, showing the Q R code is ready to download or save.

  4. From here you can scan the QR code or download and save it so you can:

    • Add it to an email or other document, or
    • Print it and place it in a specific location.

Power BI generates the QR code as a JPG file, ready to print.

  1. Select Download, then open the JPG file on a computer connected to a printer.


    The JPG file has the same name as the tile. For example, "Opportunity Count - by Month, Sales Stage.jpg".

  2. Print the file at 100% or “actual size”.

  3. Cut out the QR code and glue it to a place relevant to the tile.

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