Pin a tile from one dashboard to another dashboard

One way to add a new dashboard tile is by copying it from another dashboard. Each of these tiles, when clicked, is a link back to where it was created -- either in Q&A or a report.


You cannot pin tiles from shared dashboards.

Pin a tile to another dashboard

  1. Get data. This example uses the IT Spend Analysis sample.

  2. Open a dashboard.

  3. Hover over the tile you want to pin, select More options (...) and choose Pin tile.

    ellipses menu

  4. Pin the tile to an existing dashboard or to a new dashboard.

    • Existing dashboard: select the name of the dashboard from the dropdown.
    • New dashboard: type the name of the new dashboard.

    Pin to Dashboard dialog

  5. Select Pin. A Success message (near the top right corner) lets you know the visualization was added, as a tile, to the selected dashboard.

    Pinned to dashboard window

  6. Select Go to dashboard to see the pinned tile. There, you can rename, resize, link, and move the pinned visualization.

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