What's new in the latest Power BI Desktop update?

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June 2019 Update (2.70.5494.561)

Our June updates are here to spread sunshine and blue skies on your reports, with a refreshing and bright new color scheme for your Power BI Desktop, and a host of other improvements.

You can now download the latest version of Power BI Desktop. If you're running Windows 10, you can also get Power BI Desktop from the Windows Store. The monthly versions are the same even though the version numbering may differ between the two, regardless of which way you install Power BI Desktop. See this article for more information.

The links beside each update mean the following:

  • [video] excerpts play in a new browser tab, when the feature is being discussed.
  • Some features have an [article] that provides more detail.
  • Most features are explained in the monthly update [blog] post.
  • Lastly, some features are self-explanatory and don't need and article or video.

You can also watch the Latest Updates video from the beginning, right inside this article, by clicking on the play icon on the video image found below the list of updates.

The following updates are new to Power BI Desktop this month:



  • Key influencers visual updates (preview) [video] [blog]
    • Key influencers with Live connect to Power BI datasets
    • Key influencers accessibility
    • Support for Cloud RLS
  • Manage aggregations dialog accessibility [video] [blog]



Data connectivity

Data preparation


You can also check out all the data sources available to Power BI Desktop; our list is always growing, so check back often.

Want more information about these updates? Take a look at the blog post, where you can get more detailed information about each of these new features (this is the same blog post references in the list above).

The following video describes and shows each of these updates. You can also see the video from the blog post.


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