Implementing row-level security in embedded paginated reports

When you embed a paginated report, you can control which data is displayed. This allows tailoring the displayed information per user. For example, if you have a Power BI paginated report that includes global sale results, you can embed it so that only the sale results from a certain region are available.

This feature provides a secure way of displaying a subset of the data, in a way that doesn't compromise the rest of data. It resembles the Row Level Security (RLS) feature, which provides a secure way of displaying data in Power BI reports (that are not paginated), dashboards, tiles, and datasets.


This feature works with embedding paginated reports for customers.

Configuring a parameter to filter the dataset

When applying row-level security to a Power BI paginated report, you need to assign a parameter to the UserID attribute. This parameter will restrict the data pulled from the dataset, before the report is embedded.

After assigning the parameter to UserID, use the Reports GenerateTokenInGroup API to get the embed token.

Use UserID as a filter at report or query level

You can use UserId as a filter or in a query to the datasource in Power BI Report Builder.

Using the filter

  1. In the Dataset Properties window, from the left pane, select Filter.

    Power BI Report Builder filter

  2. From the Expression dropdown menu, select the parameter you want to use for filtering the data.

    Screenshot shows the value Color selected from the Expression menu.

  3. Click the Value function button.

    Power BI Report Builder value

  4. In the Expression window, from the Category list, select Built-in Fields.

    Screenshot shows the Expression window with Built-in Fields selected as Category and ExecutionTime selected as Item.

  5. From the Item list, select UserID and click OK.

    Power BI Report Builder UserID

  6. In the Dataset Properties window, verify that the expression is your selected parameter = UserID, and click OK.

    Power BI Report Builder dataset properties

Using a query

  1. In the Dataset Properties window, from the left pane, select Parameters and click Add.

    Power BI Report Builder parameters

  2. In the Parameter Name enter @UserID, and in the Parameter Value add [&UserID].

    Power BI Report Builder parameter name

  3. From the left pane, select Query, in the Query add the UserID parameter as part of your query, and click OK.


    In the screenshot below the color parameter is used as an example (whereFinalTable.Color = @UserID). If needed, it is possible to create a more complex query.

    Power BI Report Builder queries edit

Passing the configured parameter using the embed token

When embedding a paginated report for your customers, the Reports GenerateTokenInGroup API is used to get the embed token. This token can also be used to filter some of the data that is pulled out of the paginated report.

To expose only some of the data, assign the username field with the information you want to be displayed. For example, in a paginated report that has a color parameter, if you enter green in the username field, the embed token will restrict the embedded data to display only the data that has the green value in the color column.

    "accessLevel": "View",
    "reportId": "cfafbeb1-8037-4d0c-896e-a46fb27ff229",
    "identities": [
                    // Replace the 'username' with a paginated report parameter
                    "username":     "...",
                    "reports: [