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The following catalog is organized from core knowledge to specific domains, and from most basic to most advanced. If content exists in multiple formats, we'll let you know, so that you can choose the training format that best meets your needs.

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Content Description Format Length
Create and use analytics reports with Power BI This learning path introduces you to Power BI, and teaches you to use and build business intelligence reports. Free, self-paced online learning path 6 hr 22 min
Prepare your data for Power BI Watch a few simple tips for preparing your Excel data for Power BI. Videos 1 min 20 sec
Microsoft Power BI YouTube channel YouTube channel with content from Microsoft's Power BI product team Videos
Getting Started with Power BI Wondering how to get started with Power BI? How to connect to data and visualize it for the first time? Learn how to quickly get started with Power BI and get insights from your business data in no time. Webinar
Get Started with the Power BI Mobile App Watch this webinar to learn how to stay up to date with your data using your mobile device. Find out how to improve your experience by using mobile-optimized layouts, interact with your data on the go, get push notifications when your data needs attention, and share and collaborate with your colleagues from your mobile device. Webinar
Power Tricks, Tips and Tools from the owners of PowerBI.Tips In this very special user group meeting the owners of PowerBI.Tips and Power BI MVPs, Seth Bauer and Mike Carlo will share with you their huge grab bag of Power Tricks, Tips and Tools they have published to http://PowerBI.Tips over the last 18 months. YouTube video 1 hr 7 min 40 sec
Paul Turley's SQL Server BI Blog Sharing Paul Turley's experiences with the Microsoft data platform, SQL Server BI, Data Modeling, SSAS Design, Power Pivot, Power BI, SSRS Advanced Design, Power BI, Dashboards & Visualization since 2009 Blog
Guy in a Cube Video blog on Power BI including weekly information roundups and technical videos focusing on the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack (including Power BI, Reporting Services and Analysis Services). Blog
Use DAX in Power BI Desktop This learning path introduces Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) and provides you with foundational skills required to enhance data models with calculations. Free, self-paced online learning path 4 hr 30 min
Get started with Microsoft data analytics Businesses need data analysis more than ever. In this learning path, you will learn about the life and journey of a data analyst, the skills, tasks, and processes they go through in order to tell a story with data so trusted business decisions can be made. You will learn how the suite of Power BI tools and services are used by a data analyst to tell a compelling story through reports and dashboards, and the need to true BI in the enterprise. Free, self-paced online learning path 1 hr 10 min
Prepare data for analysis You will explore Power Query as you learn to extract data from different data sources and choose a storage mode and connectivity type. You will learn to profile, clean, and load data into Power BI in preparation for modeling your data. Free, self-paced online learning path 3 hr 26 min
Model data in Power BI Success with Power BI begins with a great data model. In this module, you will learn how to design a data model that is intuitive, high-performing, and simple to maintain. You will learn about using DAX language to create measures. Those measures will help you create a wide variety of analytic solutions. Additionally, you’ll learn how to improve performance with your Power Query data retrieval tasks. Free, self-paced online learning path 5 hr 31 min
Visualize data in Power BI Power BI has extraordinary visuals that can be used on Power BI reports and dashboards. In this module, you will learn when to use which visual to solve which problem. You will also learn report design and report formatting. Additionally, you will learn how to use report navigation to tell a compelling, data-driven story in Power BI. Dashboards will help your users target report visuals to meet their specific needs. Paginated reports help you create pixel-perfect report artifacts like sales invoices, purchase orders, medical records, transaction statements, and much more. Free, self-paced online learning path 5 hr 5 min
Data analysis in Power BI Report authors can use additional features to enhance their reports for analytical insights in their data with features like Q&A and exporting. In this module, you will closely examine your data and Power BI reports and then extract value with deeper analysis. Additionally, you will learn how to sort data and how to present the report in a cohesive manner. You will learn how to get a statistical summary for your data and export data from Power BI. You will also apply and perform advanced analytics on the report for deeper and more meaningful data insights. Free, self-paced online learning path 1 hr 52 min
Manage workspaces and datasets in Power BI Once you have created your Power BI data sets and reports, it’s time to deploy them so the users can take advantage of all of your hard work. In this Learning Path, you will learn how to create workspaces in the Power BI service. You will deploy your Power BI artifacts here and share them to your users. You will also learn how to connect Power BI reports to on-premise data sources. Your users will appreciate seeing the latest data in your reports, so you will configure automatic refresh for your Power BI datasets. Row-level security allows you to create one report, but have users be restricted to see only the data that applies to them. This targets data to users, without having to create multiple reports. Free, self-paced online learning path 1 hr 2 min


Content Description Format Length
Dashboard in a day A one-day, hands-on workshop for business analysts that covers the full capabilities of Power BI Instructor-led in person or online training, cost varies by region and partner One day
Learn to Navigate Your Way Through a Power BI Dashboard in 20 Minutes Have you ever opened a Power BI Dashboard just to think, now what? How do I navigate through this to find the data that’s important to me? Do you limit your use of filters & slicers for fear of ‘breaking something’? Fear not, join us to learn how to navigate your way through a Power BI dashboard. Webinar
Dashboard in an Hour Webinar with Reid Havens (5/24/17) Dashboard In An Hour is a high-level introduction to Power BI in only an hour. You'll get experience in building a Power BI dashboard, including how Power BI can turn your unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights, and how to easily connect to your data sources, visualize (or discover) what’s important, and share that with anyone or everyone you want. Webinar 1 hr 1 min 10 sec

Report Design

Content Description Format Length
Data Storytelling with Power BI by Tristan Malherbe Data Storytelling with Power BI by Tristan Malherbe YouTube video 59 min 54 sec
Power Tricks, Tips and Tools from the owners of PowerBI.Tips Power Tricks, Tips and Tools from the owners of PowerBI.Tips In this very special user group meeting the owners of Power BI.Tips and Power BI MVPs, Seth Baur and Mike Carlo will share with you their huge grab bag of Power Tricks, Tips and Tools they have published to http://PowerBI.Tips over the last 18 months. Demo’s to include their theme generator, adding data types within the query editor and their latest offering Power BI layouts (and a tour of their latest layout “Cool Blue”). Webinar 1 hr 7 min 4 sec
9/11/18 Webinar: New tools and new templates, including a walkthrough of what’s changed in the Color Join Charles Sterling and the creators of PowerBI.Tips and Microsoft MVPs, Seth Bauer and Mike Carlo, as they share with you their ever-increasing grab bag of Power Tricks, Tips and Tools they have published to https://PowerBI.Tips over the last 6 months. Demos will include their latest theme generator, tips and tricks, and the latest Power BI Layouts. Webinar 53 min 34 sec
Power BI: Analytics Done Right Calling all Analytics and Excel visionaries: learn how to make beautiful reports people want to use, share appealing insights that are easy to understand, and securely break silos of complex data to make it accessible. We'll share new product innovations and our vision for modern enterprise BI and self-service BI; enabling your organization to build a data-driven culture. Webinar
Make Your Power BI Data Visual: Core Chart Types and How to Use Them Chart type is one the most fundamental building blocks of visual analytics. With the right usage of charts, we create the right patterns and clarity, and provide the right answers for our users. Webinar
How to Design Visually Stunning Power BI Reports Want to learn more about designing dashboards that are readable, functional, insightful and beautiful? In this marketing focused session, we will walk through Power Design: design best practices that will help your reports and dashboards be more attractive and consistent while saving you time. Webinar 36 min 54 sec
Transforming A Report From Good to GREAT... Failing to deliver a well-designed Power BI Report is perhaps the most common reporting pitfall. What good is quality data if it is not presented in a way that is meaningful or easily understood? Someone without any prior knowledge should be able to quickly understand a report without explanation and be quickly drawn to the key elements you want them to view. This webinar will walk through the common dos and don’ts of reporting in Power BI, using easy-to-learn techniques that bring data to life. Webinar


Content Description Format Length
Power BI visualization best practices by Marco Russo Designing great looking Power BI reports and dashboards isn’t just about beauty; it also makes the information easier to understand. In this webinar Marco Russo will give us a sneak peek at his soon to be released training series on this exciting topic. Webinar 59 min 40 sec
Data Visualization Design Discussion Power BI enthusiasts around world published hundreds of stunning visualization examples in our data story gallery. They inspire us with data insights, creativity, design thinking, and a vastly diverse way to tell stories with data. Join us in this data visualization design lab to study these wonderful visualizations on how they inspire you, how you would do it differently, and how you could improve them. Webinar 1 hr 10 sec
Get actionable insights using real-world visualizations in your Power BI dashboard Join Charles Sterling and Shakun Grover as they walk through using real-world visualizations in your Power BI dashboard. Microsoft Visio offers the perfect canvas for visually contextualizing data and depicting process flows. Using the new Visio visual for Power BI, you can easily bring alive Visio's powerful visualization capabilities right within your Power BI dashboards to drive insights and action. Webinar 34 min 19 sec
Creating Custom Visuals for Power BI with Ted Pattison Power BI report has an amazing set of visuals available for you to use both out of the box and for download. But you aren't limited to these visuals; in this session Ted Pattison will walk us through how to create your own Power BI custom visuals. Custom visuals are created by developers, using the custom visuals SDK and enabling report creators to use them as any other Power BI visuals. Custom visuals are first class citizens in Power BI and can be filtered, highlighted, edited, shared, etc. Webinar 1 hr 49 sec
Using SVG Images in Power BI Join Charles Sterling and David Eldersveld as they walk through how you can work with SVG images as Image URLs in Power BI. Power BI was enhanced to enable the dynamic creation of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) images. It is now possible to create measures that dynamically update to account for user selections and filters. This technique is available for use with any visual that renders Image URLs as an image. This puts SVG on par with how we currently use non-vector image types such as PNG, employing them as indicator columns in the Table visual or in other creative ways Webinar 58 min 52 sec
Enhance Power BI Visualization with R: Custom Visual (PBIVIZ) -Leila Etaati Enhance Power BI Visualization with R: Custom Visual (PBIVIZ) -Leila Etaati Webinar 52 min 36 sec
Practical DAX for Power BI by Phil Seamark To accompany his new book, Phil Seamark is going to walk through some best practices for Practical DAX in Power BI YouTube video 59 min 41 sec
Data Visualization Design Discussion Lab Foster design thinking by inviting audience to discuss and evaluate data visualization examples in Power BI’s data story gallery. Webinar 1 hr 10 sec


Content Description Format Length
The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Flow and PowerApps Register for this webinar to learn how to build highly productive apps and automate business processes using Microsoft Flow and PowerApps. Get important information from our guest, Forrester Consulting, based on the findings of a commissioned study about benefits enterprises have achieved by adopting these solutions. Webinar
Better Together: 5 Benefits Excel Users Will Get From Using Power BI Excel is one of the most popular programs in the world. Millions of individuals and businesses use it for everything from simple data entry and accounting to more advanced statistical and data analytics. However, many people don’t realize that they can dramatically extend the functionality of Excel—as well as save time and increase their efficiency—when they pair it with another Microsoft program: Power BI. We’re going to explore five distinct reasons why you and your business can benefit from using Excel and Power BI together. By the end, you should have all the knowledge you need to jumpstart your organization’s ability to analyze, interpret, and capitalize on your data. Webinar
Beyond the Spreadsheet Calling all Excel users and Analysts: work smarter, deliver more value, and focus on what matters. Learn how to make beautiful reports people want to use, share data visually in a way that colleagues can understand without an explanation, and make insights accessible to everyone that needs to make sense of information - wherever they are. See Microsoft Power BI in action in this online session. Webinar
Draw the right insights with Power BI and Visio Join us for this webinar to learn how to combine Power BI dashboards and Microsoft Visio diagrams to create powerful visual Visio and Power BI are highly visual and naturally complementary. Visio lets you create illustrative diagrams, such as interconnected workflows and real-world layouts. Power BI helps you build intuitive dashboards using charts and maps to measure key performance indicators and track goals. Webinar