Troubleshoot Power BI custom visuals


Pbiviz command not found (or similar errors)

When you run pbiviz in your terminal's command line, you should see the help screen. If not, then it is not installed correctly. Make sure you have at least the 4.0 version of NodeJS installed.

Can't find the debug visual in the Visualizations tab

The debug visual looks like a prompt icon within the Visualizations tab.

Visual selection

If you don't see it, make sure you have enabled it within the Power BI settings.


The debug visual is currently only available in the Power BI service and not in Power BI Desktop or the mobile app. The packaged visual will still work everywhere.

Can't contact visual server

Run the visual server with the command pbiviz start in your terminal's command line from the root of your visual project. If the server is not running, it is likely that your SSL certificates weren't installed correctly.

Feel free to contact the custom visuals support team: ** with any questions, comments, or issues you have.

Next steps

For more information, visit Frequently asked questions about Power BI custom visuals.