Signing up for Power BI with a new Office 365 Trial

If you are having problems signing up for Power BI with your work email address, one potential workaround is to sign up for an Office 365 trial first and then signing up for Power BI. You will be able to use Power BI even after the Office 365 trial expires.


You cannot use personal email addresses such as or with Office 365 or Power BI. For more information, see What email address can be used with Power BI

  1. Sign up for an Office 365 trial on the Office 365 web site.

  2. When you complete that signup process, you will be given a new sign in name that looks like This will be the sign in name you will use for Power BI as well.

  3. Sign up for Power BI using this link. If you are prompted, sign in using the sign in name and password you selected for Office 365 in Step 1.


    If you already sign into Power BI or Office 365 with an organization login, you may want to use an InPrivate browser session to log in with the new account you created.

  4. That's it! When you're finished, you will be redirected to Power BI.

Important considerations

By using this signup method you are creating a new organizational tenant and you will become the administrator of the tenant. You can add new users to your tenant, then share with them, as described in this help topic.

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