Connect to Application Insights with Power BI

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Use Power BI to create powerful custom dashboards from Application Insights telemetry. Envision your app telemetry in new ways. Combine metrics from multiple apps or component services onto one dashboard. This first release of the Power BI content pack for Application Insights includes widgets for common usage-related metrics such as active users, page view, sessions, browser and OS version, and geographic distribution of users in a map.

Connect to the Application Insights content pack for Power BI.


This integration method is now deprecated. To learn more about the preferred method of connecting Application Insights to Power BI use the export analytic query functionality.

How to connect

  1. Select Get Data at the bottom of the left navigation pane.

    Get Data button

  2. In the Services box, select Get.

    Get Services button

  3. Select Application Insights > Get.

    Application Insights content pack

  4. Provide the details of the application you want to connect to, including Application Insights Resource Name, Resource Group, and Subscription ID. See Finding your Application Insights parameters below for more details.

    Application Insights connection dialog box

  5. Select Sign In and follow the screens to connect.

    Application Insights connection sign-in

  6. The import process begins automatically. When complete, a notification is shown and a new dashboard, report, and dataset appear in the Navigation Pane marked with an asterisk. Select the dashboard to view your imported data.

    Application Insights dashboard

What now?

What's included

The Application Insights content pack includes the following tables and metrics:

- ApplicationDetails  
- UniqueUsersLast7Days   
- UniqueUsersLast30Days   
- UniqueUsersDailyLast30Days  
- UniqueUsersByCountryLast7Days  
- UniqueUsersByCountryLast30Days   
- PageViewsDailyLast30Days   
- SessionsLast7Days   
- SessionsLast30Days  
- PageViewsByBrowserVersionDailyLast30Days   
- UniqueUsersByOperatingSystemLast7Days   
- UniqueUsersByOperatingSystemLast30Days    
- SessionsDailyLast30Days   
- SessionsByCountryLast7Days   
- SessionsByCountryLast30Days   
- PageViewsByCountryDailyLast30Days  

Finding parameters

Your Resource Name, Resource Group and Subscription ID can all be found in the Azure Portal. Selecting the Name will open a detailed view and you can use the Essentials drop-down to find all the values you need.

Application Insights parameters

Copy and paste these into the fields into Power BI:

Application Insights parameters

Next steps

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