Connect to AT Internet Bridge with Power BI

AT Internet helps you to extract immediate value from your data using its unified digital analytics platform, the Analytics Suite. The AT Internet Bridge content pack for Power BI includes data around visits, sources, localization and devices for your site.

Connect to the AT Internet Bridge content pack for Power BI.

How to connect

  1. Select Get Data at the bottom of the left navigation pane.

  2. In the Services box, select Get.

  3. Select AT Internet Bridge > Get.

  4. Specify the AT Internet Website Number you'd like to connect to.

  5. Select Basic as the Authentication Mechanism, provide your AT Internet username and password, and click Sign In.

  6. Click Connect to begin the import process. When complete, a new dashboard, report and model will appear in the Navigation Pane. Select the dashboard to view your imported data.

What now?

What's included

This content pack contains data from the last 45 days in the following tables:

- Conversion  
- Devices  
- Localization  
- Sources  
- Global Visits  

Next steps

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