Connect to Webtrends with Power BI

The Webtrends content pack for Power BI includes a variety of out of box metrics such total page views and visits by traffic source. Visualizing your Webtrends data in Power BI starts by connecting to your Webtrends account. You can use the dashboard and reports provided, or customize them to highlight the information you care most about. The data will be refreshed automatically once per day.

Connect to the Webtrends content pack for Power BI.

How to connect

  1. Select Get Data at the bottom of the left navigation pane.

  2. In the Services box, select Get.

  3. Select Webtrends > Get.

  4. The content pack connects to a specific Webtrends profile ID. See details on finding this parameter below.

  5. Provide your Webtrends credentials to connect. Note that the username field expects your account and username. See details below.

  6. After approving, the import process will begin automatically. When complete, a new dashboard, report and model will appear in the Navigation Pane. Select the dashboard to view your imported data.

What now?

What's included

The Webtrends content pack pulls data from the following reports:

Report Name Report ID
Key Metrics
On-Site Searches 34awBVEP0P6
Exit Pages 7FshY8eP0P6
Next Pages CTd5rpeP0P6
Previous Pages aSdOeaUgnP6
Site Pages oOEWQj3sUo6
Onsite Ads Clickthroughs 41df19b6d9f
Cities aUuHskcP0P6
Countries JHWXJNcP0P6
Visitors xPcmTDDP0P6
Visit Duration U5KAyqdP0P6
Search Phrases IKYEDxIP0P6
Traffic Sources JmttAoIP0P6
Search Engines yGz3gAGP0P6
Entry Pages i6LrkNVRUo6


For SharePoint profiles, the metric names may be a little different than what's show in the Webtrends UI. The following mapping is done to maintain consistency between SharePoint and Web profiles:

- Sessions = Visits  
- New Users = New Visitors  
- Views per Session = Page Views per Visit  
- Avg Daily User Duration = Avg Time on Site per Visitor  

System requirements

The content pack requires access to a Webtrends profile with the correct set of reports enabled.

Finding parameters

Your Webtrends Profile ID can be found in the URL after you've selected a profile:

Your credentials are the same as what you enter when you sign into Webtrends, however we expect your account and username in the same line, separated by a backslash:


You may hit an issue while the content pack is loading, after you've provided your credentials. If you see the "Oops" message during the loading, please review the troubleshooting suggestions below. If you're still having issues please file a support ticket at

  1. The correct Profile ID is being used, see the Finding Parameters for more details.
  2. The user has access to the reports listed in the "What's included" section

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