Power BI Premium support for large datasets

Power BI Premium supports uploads of Power BI Desktop (.pbix) files that are up to 10 GB in size. Once uploaded, a dataset can be refreshed to up to 12 GB in size. To use a large dataset, publish it to a workspace that is assigned to Premium capacity.

Best practices

This section describes best practices for working with large datasets.

Large models can be very resource-intensive on your capacity. We recommend at least a P1 SKU for any models larger than 1 GB. Although publishing large models to workspaces backed by A SKUs up to A3 might work, refreshing them will not.

The following table describes recommended SKUs for various .pbix sizes:

SKU Size of .pbix
P1 < 3 GB
P2 < 6 GB
P3, P4, P5 up to 10 GB

The Power BI Embedded A4 SKU is equal to the P1 SKU, A5 = P2 and A6 = P3. Note that publishing large models to A and EM SKUs might return errors that aren't specific to the model size limitation error in the shared capacity. Refresh errors for large models in A and EM SKUs are likely to point to timeouts. We are working on improving the error messages for these scenarios.

Your .pbix files represent data in a highly compressed state. The data will likely expand several times when loaded in memory, and from there it may expand several more times during data refresh.

Scheduled refresh of large datasets can take a long time and be very resource-intensive. Accordingly, do not schedule too many overlapping refreshes. Notice also that the timeout for scheduled refresh jobs has been increased to five (5) hours for all datasets in this capacity. We recommend incremental refresh, because it's faster, more reliable, and consumes fewer resources.

The initial report load of large datasets can take a long time if it has been a while since the last time the dataset was used, because the model is loaded into memory of your Premium capacity. A loading bar for longer-loading reports displays the load progress.

If you remove the workspace from Premium capacity, the model and all associated reports and dashboards will not work.

While the per-query memory and time constraints are much higher in Premium capacity, it is highly recommended that you use filters and slicers to limit visuals to display only what is necessary.

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