Promote or certify dataflows (preview)

Power BI provides two ways you can increase the visibility of your valuable, high-quality dataflows: promotion and certification.

  • Promotion: Promotion enables users to highlight dataflows that they think are valuable and worthwhile for others to use. In this way it encourages the collaborative spread of dataflows within an organization. Any dataflow owner, or any member with write permissions on the workspace where a dataflow is located, can simply promote the dataflow when they think it's good enough for sharing.

  • Certification: Certification means that a dataflow has been checked by an authorized reviewer and is truly a reliable, authoritative data source that is ready for use across the organization. A select group of reviewers defined by the Power BI tenant administrator determines which dataflows to certify. A user who thinks a particular dataflow should be certified, but is not authorized to certify it, should contact their tenant administrator.

    Dataflow certification is possible only if it has been enabled by the Power BI tenant administrator.

Promoting or certifying a dataflow is called endorsement. Power BI report creators often have many different dataflows to choose from, and endorsement helps guide them to the dataflows that are reliable, trust-worthy, and authoritative.

Endorsed dataflows are clearly labeled in many places in Power BI, making it easy for report creators to find them when they are looking for reliable data, and for administrators and report creators to track how they are being used throughout the organization.

The image below shows how promoted and certified dataflows are easily identified in Power Query.

Endorsed dataflows highlighted in Power Query

This article describes

  • Promoting a dataflow (dataflow owner or any user with member permissions on the workspace where the dataflow is located)
  • Certifying a dataflow (authorized dataflow certifier, as determined by the tenant administrator)

For information about setting up dataflow certification (tenant administrator), see Set up dataset and dataflow certification

Promote a dataflow

To promote a dataflow, you must have write permissions the workspace where the dataflow you want to promote is located.

  1. Go to the list of dataflows in the workspace.

  2. Select More options (...) on the dataflow you want to promote, then select Settings.

    Select the ellipsis on the dataflow

  3. Expand the endorsement section and select Promoted.

    Select Promoted and Apply

  4. Select Apply.

Certify a dataflow

This section is intended for users who have been authorized by their tenant administrator to certify dataflows. Certifying dataflows is a big responsibility. This section explains the certification process you go through.

  1. Get write permissions on the workspace where the dataflow you want to certify resides. This could be from dataflow owner or from anyone with admin permissions on the workspace.

  2. Carefully review the dataflow and determine whether it merits certification.

  3. If you decide to certify the dataflow, go to the workspace where it resides.

  4. Find the dataflow you are looking for, click More options (...), then select Settings.

    Select the ellipsis on the dataset or dataflow

  5. Expand the endorsement section and click Certified.

    Click the Learn more link

  6. Click Apply.

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