Change the type of visualization in a Power BI report

Try different types of visualizations in the Power BI service and Power BI Desktop to see which one illustrates your data best.

  1. Open a report that already has at least one visualization.

  2. Select a visualization to make it active. An active visualization has handles and a border.

  3. In the Visualizations pane, select the new visualization type.

    video showing changing column chart to line chart.

  4. (Optional) Pin your visualization to your dashboard as a tile.

If you change the visualization type in the report after you pinned it to your dashboard, the dashboard tile does not automatically update. So, if you pinned the visualization as a line chart and then, in the report, changed it to a bar chart, the already-pinned version of this data will remain a line chart. Pin the bar chart to see it too on the dashboard.

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