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Getting Started with Power BI
by Miguel Martinez
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Power BI Tricks, Tips and Tools from the owners of PowerBI.Tips
by Mike Carlo and Seth Bauer
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Learn to Navigate Your Way Through a Power BI Dashboard in 20 Minutes
by Miguel Martinez
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Simply Compelling — Tips for Better Visualization Design
by Miranda Li
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Better Together: 5 Benefits Excel Users Will Get From Using Power BI
by Carlos Otero and Miguel Martinez
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Getting Started

How to Design Visually Stunning Power BI Reports
by Charles Sterling
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Learn about Power BI Embedded in 20 minutes
by Megan Asarrane and Colin Murphy
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Beyond the Spreadsheet
by Gohul Shanmugalingam
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Draw the right insights with Power BI and Visio
by Shakun Grover
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Transforming A Report From Good to GREAT!
by Reid Havens
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Boost Your BI with Location Intelligence
by Scott Ball from Esri and Enrique Plaza from Microsoft
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Improving Profitability in Healthcare
by Stephen Cracknell and Stuart Macanliss from US Medical IT
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Applied Intelligence for Sales & Services
by Ed Bobrin from Avanade
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Manufacturers: Your industry is going through a digital transformation - Maintain leadership by leveraging analytics to maximize profitability
by Jon Thompson from Blue Margin and Jim Pastor from Elgin Fastener Group
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Visualize public or private datasets with the new Power BI and data.world connector
by Patrick McGarry and Miguel Martinez
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Storytelling with your data and Power BI
by Tristan Malherbe
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Practical DAX for Power BI
by Phil Seamark
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Developing with Power BI Embedding – The April 2018 Update
by Ted Pattison
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Power BI security deep dive
by Kasper de Jonge
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Ask a Partner: Developing Custom Visuals for Power BI
by Ted Pattison
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Advanced Topics

Advanced Analytics with Excel and Power BI
by Nagasaikiran Kambhampati and Miguel Martinez
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Download the Advanced Analytics Starter Kit to follow along

Power BI adoption framework webinar series
by Manu Kanwarpal and Paul Henwood
Register and watch now - Part 1 - Adoption: Adopt a data-driven culture
Register and watch now - Part 2 - Governance: Govern your Power BI usage
Register and watch now - Part 3 - Service Management: Power BI Service Management Insights
Register and watch now - Part 4 - Security: Keeping your data secure with Power BI
Register and watch now - Part 5 - Rollout: Successfully rolling out Power BI

Office 365 Finance Pros Webinar Series
by Mark Traverso, Carlos Otero, Johnnie Thomas, Amanda Cofsky and Miguel Martinez
Learn tips, tricks & best practices to achieve more in your day-to-day work using Office 365.
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Be a Full Stack Power BI Jedi – A walkthrough of Power BI most advanced features through Star Wars data
by Gil Raviv
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How to Implement a Successful Data Governance Strategy That Makes Your Organization More Secure
by Ajay Anandan
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Accelerating modern BI adoption with Power BI Premium
by Sirui Sun and Miguel Martinez
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What's new and exciting in Power BI Report Server
by Riccardo Muti, Chris Finlan and Chinmay Joshi
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How Microsoft does Power BI
by Kirkland Barrett
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