Flows that use other solution components

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Feature details

The Microsoft Power Platform is continuing to adopt a single packaging mechanism. We're continuing to close gaps so that any solution component has consistent behavior and pre-existing user workflows aren't negatively affected. Combined with enhancements to our developer tooling, you can manage all customization in source control, enabling continuous integration and continuous delivery with fully automated build and release pipelines.

With this release, there are three important updates:

  1. Flows can now leverage Environment Variables. Environment variables allow you to transport application configuration data with solutions and optionally manipulate the values in your Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) pipeline. They act as configurable input parameters allowing you to reference an environment variable within other solution components. You can update a value without modifying other components directly when using environment variables.
  2. You can add Custom connectors to solutions. This means if you have additional custom endpoints that you want to connect you, you can store that definition alongside your flows in a solution, and when you export and import your solutions to a different environment the connector definitions will be transported as well.
  3. Dependencies are tracked and enforced for new solution components. For example, if a flow uses an entity in the Common Data Service, that will now be known at solution export and import time.

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