Package entire solutions as apps within your Microsoft Teams app catalogue


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically - - Apr 2021

Business Value

Instead of embedding a single app into Microsoft Teams, you'll now have the opportunity to bring an entire solution to Microsoft Teams so that you can package up flows, apps, and more within a single Microsoft Teams app. You can then bring the app to your tenant's app catalogue so that other parts of your environment can install and use your solution in just a few clicks.

Feature details

From within the Solutions area in Power Apps, there will now be a button to allow you to package up a solution as a Microsoft Teams app. A wizard will then ask you for details on how it should show up within Microsoft Teams, like its name and icon, before finally asking how all of the apps within the solution should show up in Microsoft Teams.

You can also leverage environment variables to make your app more configurable. When you do, users have the opportunity to set these variables when they install the app for the first time.