Makers can collaborate together on the same app by merging changes


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically Jun 2022 - -

Business value

Enables multiple makers to simultaneously work on the same app and merge changes to accelerate development and track collaboration.

Feature details

With this capability, makers will be able to work together on a single app to accelerate development, as well as track collaborating with tools, such as commenting, source code and version history.

The following image shows the same canvas app open in Power Apps Studio by two different makers at the same time, something that is not possible today. Changes are merged using rich semantic information about the app and the results are stored in Azure DevOps, GitHub, or any Git provider.

Screenshots of two makers working on the same canvas app at the same time.

We can see the changes in the following image—line by line—for each maker.

Screenshot of changes each user has made line by line.