Custom pages are responsive by default with rich layouts


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically Oct 2022 - -

Business value

Makers can accelerate development by adding responsive custom pages in their converged apps while maintaining granular control over design.

Feature details

Custom pages brought the power and control of canvas apps to the model-driven world. Custom pages are now being extended to introduce more tools to support makers creating responsive layouts quickly while still maintaining the precision of canvas apps.

A screenshot of the custom page editor in the Modern App Designer showing responsive layout options.

  • Responsive layout templates: Choose from a selection of rich responsive layouts for rapid, responsive custom page development.
  • Easy layout configuration: Easily move controls from one responsive section to another in layouts and maintain the control and precision of canvas app development.
  • Multiple form factor support: Support desktop, mobile and other form factors automatically with a single custom page just as you are accustomed to with model-driven apps.