Administration mode

You can set a sandbox, production, or trial (subscription-based) environment in administration mode so that only users with System Administrator or System Customizer security roles will be able to sign in to that environment. Administration mode is useful when you want to make operational changes and not have regular users affect your work, and not have your work affect end users (non-admins).


  • You can place sandbox, production, or trial (subscription-based) environments in administration mode.
  • Processes that use code, such as plug-ins or custom workflow assemblies, continue to be processed by the Microsoft Dataverse platform when administration mode is enabled and background operations are disabled.

On the Settings panel, you can set the following:

Setting Description
Administration mode Select to enable administration mode for the selected sandbox, production, or trial (subscription-based) environment. Only System Administrators or System Customizers will be able to sign in to the selected sandbox or production environment.
Background operations (optional) Select to disable all asynchronous operations (see Asynchronous service) such as workflows and synchronization with Exchange. Emails will not be sent and server-side synchronization for appointments, contacts, and tasks are disabled. Note: Administration mode must be enabled to disable background operations.
Custom message (optional) Enter a message that will be displayed to all users when they attempt to sign in.

Set administration mode

  1. Go to the Power Platform admin center and sign in using Environment Admin or System Administrator role credentials.

  2. From the left-side menu, select Environments, and then select a sandbox, production, or trial (subscription-based) environment.

  3. On the Details page, select Edit.

  4. Under Administration mode, toggle Disabled to Enabled.

  5. Optionally, you can set Background operations and Custom message, and then select Save.

Known issues

  • After taking the environment out of admin mode, flows may not trigger as expected until caches have been cleared; this can take up to 24 hours.