Create and manage environments in the Power Apps Admin center

Create environments

Creating environments is now done in the Power Platform admin center.

Managing environments for your organization

In Power Apps Admin center, you can manage all of the environments that you have created or to which you have been added to the Environment Admin role. From the Admin center, you can perform all administrative actions on an environment, including the following:

  • Add or remove a user or group from either the Environment Admin or Environment Maker role. For more information, see Administer environments in Power Apps.
  • Provision a Common Data Service database for the environment. For more information, see Create a Common Data Service database.
  • Set Data Loss Prevention policies. For more information, see Data loss prevention policies.
  • Set database security policies (as open or restricted by database roles). For more information, see Configure database security.
  • Members of the Azure AD tenant Global administrator role (includes Global admins) can also manage all environments that have been created in their tenant and set tenant-wide policies from the Power Apps Admin center.