Dynamics 365 US Government - Feature availability

Microsoft strives to maintain functional parity between our commercially available service and that which is servicing Dynamics 365 U.S. Government - referred to as Dynamics 365 GCC and GCC High. Please refer to the Global Geographic Availability tool to see where the Dynamics 365 Apps and Offers are available throughout the world, including approximate timelines on when they will be available.

At this time, preview features in the commercial offering are not available to Dynamics 365 US Government Community Cloud (GCC) and GCC High customers. This is intentional, as the GCC and GCC High deployment enable a community leveraging our generally available services, further protected with heightened compliance demands of the U.S. Government and Government community customers.

There are certain experiences that are currently not available with Dynamics 365 GCC and GCC High. We continue to evaluate these for incorporation into future releases. The following generally available features are not currently available:

There are a number of other business application apps and services that are not currently available as a service operating within the GCC or GCC High at this time. They include:

Network ports for Dynamics 365 Government

The following ports are open for outbound connections between Dynamics 365 Government and internet services.

  • 80 HTTP
  • 443 HTTPS
  • 465 Secure SMTP
  • 587 Secure SMTP
  • 995 Secure POP3
  • 993 Secure IMAP

Customizations or email configurations in Dynamics 365 GCC and GCC High can only use these ports.

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