Preview: Programmability and extensibility overview

[This article is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

Microsoft Power Platform administrators often have the need to orchestrate and automate routine activities for their tenant. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways using the tools outlined below.


Programmability tools are currently developed API-first, meaning new properties and functionality will first be exposed in the latest API versions made available. They will later be uptaken into updates to our PowerShell cmdlets and connectors. In the future, this will become synchronized across all available tools.

Available tools

Today, three programmability tools are available for administrators. These increase in complexity and flexibility. Over time, more first-party libraries will become available in various programming languages. To keep up with the latest updates, review the release plans.

Power Platform for admins management connectors

Connectors are the easiest to get started if you are new to automation. With a graphical workflow editor based on Power Automate, these allow admins to quickly get a routine task implemented. For more information, see Get started with Power Platform for admins management connectors.

PowerShell cmdlets

PowerShell is a common automation tool at organizations worldwide. For more information, see Get started with PowerShell for Power Platform administrators.

Power Platform API

The most advanced tool available, it has full parity with what is possible in the Power Platform admin center. For more information, see Get started with Power Platform API.

Next steps

Regardless of which tool you choose, you'll want to review the following articles to get started: