Set up nurture components

Multiple nurture components are provided in the Center of Excellence (CoE) Starter Kit; each will require some configuration to install. The installation instructions in this article have been segmented based on the set of components that should be grouped and installed together, and dependencies on other segments are outlined in each section.

Import the solution

The Core Components solution is required for the Nurture Components solution, or any other component in the starter kit, to work.

  1. Follow the instructions detailed under Set up core components.

  2. Import the file.

Create a SharePoint document library

This library is used to store templates, components, and documents that you want to share with makers in your organization. In this section, you'll create and populate the library by using a set of starter materials.

The Template Catalog app depends on this library. If you don't intend to use the Template Catalog, you can skip this step and go straight to Update environment variables.

Create the site

If you don't already have a SharePoint site for the Microsoft Power Platform Power Users in your tenant, create a new team now for them to access. This site is the one specified in the following environmental variable: Power User Site URL (SharePoint Site).

More information: Create a team site in SharePoint

Create the library

We've created a helper flow to create the library for you. See the following zip file:, part of your CoE Starter Kit download.

  1. Download and import this flow into your CoE environment using the same pattern as you did to import the audit log flow.

  2. Ensure that the flow is turned on, and run the flow.

  3. When the flow is completed, you'll have a doc library named AppTemplates, with the following columns in the default view:

    Column name Type
    Title Single line of text
    DisplayName Single line of text
    ItemDescription Multiple lines of text
    Featured Yes/No
    TemplateType Choice

    The TemplateType column will have the following options: App, Flow, Component, Image, or Document.

    Ensure that you've set up the correct permissions for your SharePoint site; we recommend that you give view-only access to your Power Users.

    More information: Create a document library in SharePoint


    Setup for the app that uses this environment, the Template Catalog, cannot be completed until you extend the app, see how to modify components

Add your own templates

If you have existing templates that you'd like to share with your makers (for example, template apps, brand guidelines, or app and flow samples), upload them to the TemplateApps document library so they show up in the Template Catalog.

Update environment variables

Environment variables are used to store application and flow configuration data. This means you only have to set the value once and it will be used in all necessary flows and apps.

All flows in this solution depend on all environment variables' being configured.

  1. You might see an error notifying you that environment variables need to be configured.


    For the Nurture Components solution, three environment variables need to be configured.

    Environment variables need to be updated


To view all environment variables in the environment, open the default solution for the environment, and set the Type filter to Environment variable.

  1. Select See Environment Variables to set the values as described in the following table.
Name Default value
Power Platform Maker Office 365 Group The Admin | Welcome Email flow sends a welcome email to onboard new makers and adds them to an Office 365 group. You can use this group to send communications to your makers or invite them to a Yammer or Teams group. Configure the group ID here.
Training in a day - Feedback Form The Training in a day package includes a flow that automatically sends a feedback request to attendees on the day of the event. Configure the form URL ( here.
Power User Site URL (SharePoint Site) The site that your Microsoft Power Platform Power Users can use to communicate and share files. You'll use it here to house the Template Library for them.

Activate the flows

The Nurture Components solution contains five flows:

  • Admin | Newsletter with Product Updates

  • Admin | Welcome Email

  • Training in a day | Feedback Reminder

  • Training in a day | Registration Confirmation

  • Training in a day | Reminder 3 days prior to event

Follow the same instructions to configure the flows as explained in Activate the Sync Template flows.

Set up a feedback form for your Training in a day

  1. Go to

  2. Select New Form.

  3. Enter Power Platform Training Feedback for the title.

  4. Select + Add New to add the following questions:

    1. Rating: Please rate the training course
    2. Text: What went well?
    3. Text: What didn't go well?
  5. Select Share, and copy the link for Send and collect responses

    Copy the feedback form URL to send and collect responses

  6. Paste the link into the default value of your Training in a day - Feedback Form environment variable.

Share apps with your organization

The Nurture Components solution contains four apps. As soon as you're ready to adopt the CoE, share these apps as follows:

  • App Catalog; Share with your entire organization.

  • Template Catalog: Share with your makers or your entire organization.

  • Training in a day Management: Share with admins only.

  • Training in a day Registration: Share with your entire organization.