Set up the CoE Starter Kit

The Center of Excellence (CoE) Starter Kit is a collection of components and tools that are designed to help you get started with developing a strategy for adopting and supporting Microsoft Power Platform, with a focus on Power Apps and Power Automate. More information about individual components: CoE Starter Kit explained

In this article, you'll learn how to:

  • Import the CoE Starter Kit solutions.
  • Configure the apps, flows, and dashboard.
  • Extend the starter kit.
  • Install updates to the starter kit.

Setup instructions video

Watch how to download and deploy the solution.


The following are prerequisites for installing the CoE Starter Kit as it's included in the solution.

  • Admin account:

    • Microsoft Power Platform service admin, global tenant admin, or Dynamics 365 service admin for access to all tenant resources through the Power Apps APIs.
    • This solution will work for environment admins, but the view will be restricted to only the environments an environment admin has access to.
    • Dynamics 365 service admin is required for getting details about model-driven apps and solution-aware flows.
  • Power Apps Premium license (per app, per user, or Dynamics 365 Online licenses) is required for using Common Data Service.

  • Environment with a Common Data Service instance, where the user installing the solution has the System Administrator security role.

  • The environment must have a DLP policy that allows Common Data Service, Common Data Service (current environment), Office 365 Users, Power Platform for Admins, Power Automate Management, Office 365 Outlook, Power Apps for Admins, Power Apps for Makers, SharePoint, Azure AD and HTTP to be used together. Those connectors must be in the business data–only bucket of the DLP policy for this environment. If you are using the Audit log solution, the custom connector used to connect to the Office 365 Audit Log also must be included in your business data–only bucket.

  • If there are multiple DLP policies applying to the same environment, either all of them have to have the connectors the CoE Starter Kit uses in business data only or if you have a policy that applies to all environments that you don't want to change you could exclude the CoE environment from that.
    Learn more about DLP Policy Scope.

  • Download of the Center of Excellence Solution and CoE Power BI dashboard files to your device. The entire content package can be downloaded directly at

  • Both the Governance Components and Nurture Components solutions require the core solution before they can be installed.

  • The Theming Components can be used independently, and have no dependency on other CoE Starter Kit components.

These are the requirements for using the solution.

  • Power Apps Premium license (per app, per user, or Dynamics 365 Online licenses).

  • For the Core Components solution, only the admins need a Power Apps Premium license. For the Governance Components solution, all makers require a Premium license. For the Nurture Components solution, everyone will require a Premium license.


The Admin | Sync Template flows crawl through all the resources stored in Microsoft Power Platform and make a copy of details in each resource (for example, apps and flows) to Common Data Service (entity definitions are provided in this solution). All data displayed in most of the starter kit components must be in Common Data Service, which means that the sync template must be configured for everything else to work. The sync flows run daily overnight. When you first set up the CoE Starter Kit, you can manually start the Admin | Sync Template v2, which will start the process of crawling and storing the information in Common Data Service.

Set up the CoE Starter Kit by following the the instructions:

Extending the starter kit

When you're ready to extend the CoE Starter Kit with your own ideas, you'll do so by making modifications to the solution components in your own unmanaged solution.

  1. Read about solutions in our documentation, which will introduce you to the concepts in addition to notions like how to create your publisher. See Introduction to solutions.

  2. Create a new unmanaged solution.

  3. Choose components from the CoE Starter Kit to add to your new solution. You decide which ones you want to customize.

  4. Extend the CoE Starter Kit by making modifications to the solution components in the context of your new unmanaged solution.


    It's currently not possible to extend canvas apps or flows. If you want to make customizations to apps and flows, create a copy add them to your unmanaged solution.

  5. Deploy your solution to test and production. We recommend making modifications and installing updates pushed by our team to the solution in a development environment dedicated to this kit, and hosting a production environment that has the real data. If data is being accessed and contributed by other users, that's a scenario to have a dev/test/prod environment.

Installing updates

Periodically, the solution will receive updates with new features, bug fixes, or optimizations. These updates will be announced on the GitHub repo, and can be downloaded from there or the direct download at

Install the updates by importing the latest version to the environment where you originally installed the solution. Select Upgrade to update the solution.


Currently, only model-driven app components and Common Data Service entities will be updated by using managed solution updates. Canvas apps and flows will be replaced during an update. If you're extending and customizing canvas apps, you'll need to make a copy of the app first (the copy won't receive updates).


What licenses do I need to run this solution? The apps and flows in the CoE Starter Kit use premium features like custom connectors and Common Data Service, therefore a per app or per user Power Apps license is required to run and play the apps. More information: Microsoft Power Platform licensing overview

If you want to use the Power BI report (packaged as part of the solution), you'll need a Power BI license. More information: Power BI pricing

It looks like I found a bug with the app; where should I go? To file a bug against the solution, go to

What features are currently not supported in Government Community Cloud (GCC)? The Office 365 Audit Log and custom connector aren't available in the Government Community Cloud.