Released Versions of Power Apps Portals

Latest version availability

The table below gives an overview of the current version and next version of Power Apps Portals for your organization. If you would like to review the release notes for any release just click on the version number for either current or next.
Note - This page is updated monthly.


We are working on new ways to bring transparency into our deployments. If you have any feedback, please fill out our survey, and share your thoughts!

Version Release Month
Portal Update 9.4.8.x August 2022
Portal Update 9.4.7.x July 2022
Portal Update 9.4.5.x May 2022
Portal Update 9.4.4.x April 2022
Portal Update 9.4.3.x March 2022
Portal Update 9.4.2.x February 2022
Portal Update 9.4.1.x January 2022
Portal Update 9.3.11.x November 2021
Portal Update 9.3.10.x October 2021
Portal Update 9.3.8.x September 2021
Portal Update 9.3.7.x July 2021
Portal Update 9.3.6.x June 2021
Portal Update 9.3.4.x April 2021
Portal Update 9.3.3.x March 2021

All releases before 9.3.3.x are listed here

In order to bring more transparency to our releases, we are publishing a tentative start date for upcoming deployments. This date reflects release date for early upgrade stage of the deployment. The dates listed below are tentative and can change, exact dates for deployments will be confirmed through M365 message center posts.

Version Tentative Start Date (mm/dd/yy)
Portal Update 9.4.9.x 09/10/2022
Portal Update 9.4.10.x 10/15/2022