Release State: General Availability

Products: Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service (Enterprise Gateway), Dataflows in (Enterprise Gateway), Dataflows in (Enterprise Gateway), Excel

Function Reference Documentation: Folder.Contents, Folder.Files

Capabilities supported

  • Folder path
  • Combine
    • Combine and load
    • Combine and transform

Connect to a folder

To connect to a folder:

  1. In the Get Data dialog box, select Folder.

  2. Enter the path to the folder you want to load, or select Browse to browse to the folder you want to load, and then select OK.

    Folder selection

    When you select the folder you want to use, the file information about all of the files in that folder are displayed. In addition, file information about any files in any subfolders is also displayed.

    Folder information

  3. Select Combine & Transform Data to combine the data in the files of the selected folder and load the data into the Power Query Editor for editing. Or select Combine & Load to load the data from all of the files in the folder directly into your app.

    Combine files from folder


The Combine & Transform Data and Combine & Load buttons are the easiest ways to combine data found in the files of the folder you specify. You could also use the Load button (in Power BI Desktop only) or the Transform Data buttons to combine the files as well, but that requires more manual steps.


Combining files

All of the files in the folder you select will be included in the data to be combined. If you have data files located in a subfolder of the folder you select, all of these files will also be included. To ensure that combining the file data works properly, make sure that all of the files in the folder and the subfolders have the same schema.

For more information about combining files, see Combine files in Power Query.