Starting to develop custom connectors

To get you up to speed with Power Query, this page lists some of the most common questions.

What software do I need to get started with the Power Query SDK?

You need to install the Power Query SDK in addition to Visual Studio. To be able to test your connectors, you should also have Power BI installed.

What can you do with a custom connector?

Custom connectors allow you to create new data sources or customize and extend an existing source. Common use cases include:

  • Creating a business analyst-friendly view for a REST API.
  • Providing branding for a source that Power Query supports with an existing connector (such as an OData service or ODBC driver).
  • Implementing OAuth v2 authentication flow for a SaaS offering.
  • Exposing a limited or filtered view over your data source to improve usability.
  • Enabling DirectQuery for a data source using an ODBC driver.

Custom connectors are only available in Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service through the use of an on-premises data gateway. More information: TripPin 9 - Test Connection