Analysis in Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents has a comprehensive set of analytics that show you the key performance indicators for your bot.

Multiple charts give you graphical views of the trends and breakdowns in your bot's topics, while AI technology highlights the topics that are having the greatest impact on your bot's performance.


While transcripts are available immediately, the analytics dashboards are updated every hour so there will be some delay before you see all data.

Analytics in Power Virtual Agents

Analytics are broken down into a number of pages to give you multiple ways to understand bot performance.

View analytics:

  1. In Power Virtual Agents, select Analytics on the side navigation pane.

In this section

Topic Description
Analyze bot performance and usage Review overall analytics for your bots.
Analyze customer satisfaction Identify overall trends in customer satisfaction, and where satisfaction is falling behind.
Analyze topic usage See how individual topics are performing and how well they are working at resolving issues.
Analyze session information Review and monitor how sessions are performing, including analytics from the topics encountered during a session.