Use system topics in Power Virtual Agents

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System topics are common topics used in conversations with a bot.

You can't delete or disable system topics, or edit their trigger phrases. However, you can customize the nodes on the authoring canvas. We recommend that you don't customize these topics until you're comfortable creating an end-to-end bot conversation.

When you first create a bot, all system topics are configured to trigger at the appropriate times. However, you can manually trigger system topics by redirecting to them.

System topics

The following diagram provides a visualization of how conversations flow through system topics.

Diagram of system topics in a conversation.

The table below lists all available system topics, their intended purpose, and a small sample of the built-in trigger phrases.

To see all trigger phrases for a system topic, open the topic to view them in the trigger phrases pane.

System topic Trigger phrases Purpose
Greeting "hey", "hello", "good morning" Greet the user when a chat begins.
Thank you "thank you", "thanks", "ty" Acknowledge when the user thanks the bot.
Goodbye "goodbye", "bye", "have a great day" End the conversation when the user bids the bot farewell.
Start over "start over", "restart", "let's begin again" Start the conversation over and reset all bot variables.
Escalate "talk to agent", "escalate", "can I talk to a human" Escalates to a live agent. To learn more, see Hand off to a live agent.
End of Conversation None Redirect to this topic at the end of a conversation to give the user a satisfaction survey.
Confirmed Success None When the user responds "yes" to the end-of-conversation satisfaction survey.
Confirmed Failure None When the user responds "no" to the end-of-conversation satisfaction survey.
Fallback None When the bot can't determine the user's intent. To learn more, see Fallback topic.


If any of the following system topics are triggered, the entire conversation will end:

  • End of Conversation
  • Confirmed Success
  • Confirmed Failure
  • Goodbye
  • Escalate
  • Start over